The Weekly Round-up- 15th May to 21st May 2020

kajabi social media May 22, 2020

In this week's weekly round-up we cover social media updates, posts from The Business Classroom, exciting features on Kajabi and more insightful posts. 

 Facebook's new customizations for Avatars

As part of the US rollout, Facebook is also introducing new customizations for Avatars, including new hairstyles and complexions.

Facebook Avatars work a lot like Bitmoji and Apple’s Memoji.

To create yours, head to the comment composer on Facebook or Messenger and click on the smiley face icon, then select “Make Your Avatar.”

Once created, your Avatar can be edited via your profile, the comment composer, bookmarks, or any Avatar sticker.

Learn more about this feature on the WERSM blog: Facebook's new customizations for Avatars

 5 Legal Questions to Ask When Starting a Home Business

Who doesn't like rewards for your achievements?

A Kajabi Hero is a person who is committed to the path of turning their passion into profit and has taken the leap to begin their online business with Kajabi.

From the day you sign up, you are on your way to making your first $1,000, then $100,000 and eventually $1 million, all of which are amazing accomplishments that are worth celebrating.

No matter how big or small, each step is important and potentially life-changing!

With Kajabi, you are the hero of your own story.

Sign up or the #KajabiHERO program today

Another great podcast episode

Essential Marketing Techniques

Anyone who has seen an episode of Mad Men will know that marketing has changed in the past couple of decades.

The methods that used to be foolproof are now almost extinct, and they have been replaced with new age technology.

As a result, your business needs to adapt to the changes to take your business to the next level and to succeed. But, how do you adapt?

You adapt by making sure you have these essential marketing techniques in place in some capacity.

The new Kajabi Email

Love Love Love the new Kajabi Email.

The templates are easy to use and look amazing.

Check them out: Kajabi Email Live Reveal

More features on Facebook's Messenger Rooms

Facebook Messenger Rooms Will Also Be Available In Facebook Groups And Events.

Admins and the members can create rooms that host up to 50 people for an unlimited time.

How exciting? Read more on this feature on the WERSM blog: Messenger Rooms Now In Facebook Groups And Events

Facebook is making it easier for businesses to sell online

Tab Grouping on Google Chrome

Google’s solution for tab grouping is very smart.

You can make a group by right-clicking on one tab and assigning it a custom name and color.

Once you do this, you can drag other tabs into your newly created group, and it will automatically assign the group color to the tab.

You can also drag tabs from group to group.

This is very helpful to keep track of things over time: Google Chrome Is Finally Introducing Tab Grouping

Kajabi - Demystifying Email Deliverability

An insider’s tour of Kajabi email from draft to final destination.

Check it out on the Kajabi blog: Demystifying Email Deliverability

New updates on Viber

Viber will be rolling out group video calls for up to 20 participants, but this number will be expanded soon.

Considering its success with Group chats and Group Audio calls, this new feature is also expected to be a great addition in these times of social distancing.

Find out more about this and how you can start a Group Video Call on the platform: Viber Launches Group Video Calls 

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