The Weekly Round-up- 17th April to 23rd April 2020

In this week's weekly round-up we cover social media updates, a story on copyright violation and more insightful topics.

New Instagram's Stickers

Instagram is introducing new stickers to help restaurants and small businesses continue serving customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

These can also be shared in the personal stories.

Check out the details on this on WERSM blog: New Instagram Stickers

Who doesn't like rewards for your achievements?

A Kajabi Hero is a person who is committed to the path of turning their passion into profit and has taken the leap to begin their online business with Kajabi.

From the day you sign up, you are on your way to making your first $1,000, then $100,000 and eventually $1 million, all of which are amazing accomplishments that are worth celebrating.

No matter how big or small, each step is important and potentially life-changing!

With Kajabi, you are the hero of your own story: Kajabi Hero Rewards Program

Embedding a photo from social media? 

Interesting article - in the past courts have said that even embedding a photo from a social media was considered a copyright violation now a court has advised that is not copyright violation.....

I would have thought it would be fine to embed from a platform as you are not downloading and republishing, and if the photo gets removed so does your post....

But not anymore, check out this story before you embed any photo: Photographer Loses Copyright Claim By Posting On Instagram

How to set up Pinterest Analytics and connect your Wordpress Website/blog

YouTube's Video Builder Now Available To More Businesses

YouTube is making its Video Builder beta tool more widely available to help businesses create short videos from scratch.

This makes it easier to build and maintain connection especially during crisis.

Read more on this builder and how you can leverage it for your business: YouTube's Video Builder Now Available To More Businesses

The new Kajabi email

Love Love Love the new Kajabi Email.

The templates are easy to use and look amazing.

Check out the new visual builder: Kajabi Email

Blogger & Small Business Mastermind

Join our mastermind of bloggers and small business owners!

Tech support, know-how, encouragement and guidance to UP-LEVEL your business and blog.

- 24/7 Support
- Increased Productivity
- Personal Cheer Squad

From $45 per month: Join our mastermind of bloggers and small business owners!

7 Ways to make balancing being a mom and entrepreneur easier

Juggling between mom duties and entrepreneurship is by no means easy.

You have to perform different roles and still strike the work-life balance, which is not always easy.

This article on the Kajabi blog explores the 7 Ways to make balancing being a mom and entrepreneur easier!

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