The Weekly Round-up- 4th September to 10th September 2020

the weekly round-up Sep 11, 2020

In this week's weekly round-up we cover a new post on the blog, Amber McCue’s Fresh Start Workbook, posts on Kajabi and a lot more.

Check out below.

New on the blog

Kajabi vs Teachable: The Best Online Course Platform for 2019

Kajabi and Teachable are course creation platforms that allow you to be in control while creating your online course.

But they have striking differences in terms of their features. For instance when it comes to integrations and email marketing. 

Find out more on these features to help you make the best decision: Kajabi vs. Teachable

Overcoming Blogging Procrastination: 7 Surefire Ways to Do It

One of the main issues with blogging is the high risk of regular procrastination – there is no one but yourself to control you. 

No one will hover over your head and ask you about your progress nor dictate your work time or working hours. Cool, right? If you don't quickly adjust to taking charge of all of this, you’re going to end up procrastinating. 

Here are some tips to help you stay on track with your goals - Overcoming Blogging Procrastination: 7 Surefire Ways to Do It

2021 Fresh Start Workbook and Planner

The Kajabi Mobile App

Let's talk: The Kajabi Mobile App and how it elevates your online business

What it is, it's login process, future and so much more exciting updates.

Read more on the Kajabi blog here 

The Beginner's Guide to Getting More High-quality Traffic

Marketing can shell out more money for traffic generation. 

Often the efforts of business owners to engage their audience and generate organic traffic can fail but there are far more cost-efficient ways to attain the goals of driving more traffic to your website.

Consider the helpful tips given on this blog post: The Beginner’s Guide to Getting More High-quality Traffic

Getting Organized with 2021 Planners

Check out Tash Guthrie ’s new layout for The Time Creator Planner.
So many great choices for 2021 Planners to help you get organized and keep on track with your goals.

How Social Media Videos Can Help You Grow Your Audience

It pays to know how to confidently use social media video.

It helps drive sales and email sign-ups, boost engagement and strength audience rapport.

As bloggers and fledgling entrepreneurs wanting to expand their presence online, you should learn how to use social media videos to grow your audience.

Here’s how - How Social Media Videos Can Help You Grow Your Audience

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