The Weekly Round-up- 8th May to 14th May 2020

In this week's weekly round-up we cover social media updates, insightful posts on Kajabi and more helpful information.

Check out below:

Establishing Your Small Business as a Trusted Brand

As a blogger or small business owner you know how tough it is to compete with the bigger brands out there.

Establishing yourself as a trusted company is very difficult when there are experienced and reputable companies who have more money than you. 

The best way to compete in a saturated market is to grow a factor of know, like and trust between you and your potential clients.

Here are a few ways in which you can achieve that for your brand: Establishing Your Small Business as a Trusted Brand

WA has released its roadmap for COVID-19 reopening

Mastermind with other bloggers and small business owners

Join our mastermind of bloggers and small business owners!

Weekly live masterminding with other bloggers and small business owners includes:
- Brainstorm
- Share
- Discuss new ideas
- Troubleshooting current issues
- Staying updated with the latest social media trends, website updates, and business changes.

Helping you to take action!

Inspiring each other to achieve blogging goals and to build your tribe! Blogger & Small Business Mastermind

Clearer navigation on Instagram's camera

Instagram is rolling a new update that brings clearer and much more personalised navigation to its Camera.

This makes it easier to switch between a story and going live.

Read more details on this feature on the WERSM blog: New Design And Features on Instagram Camera

5 Simple Tips for Making Your Startup a Success

What is a Kajabi Hero?

A Kajabi Hero is a person who has made over $1000 selling digital products with the Kajabi platform.

What is the 28 Day Challenge?

This challenge is a proven strategy for getting yourself on the right path to becoming a Kajabi Hero.

When you accept this Challenge, over the next 28 days we’re going to walk you through everything you need to do to build your first digital product and get your first sale... All within 28 days!!

Become a Kajabi Hero

Kajabi - Lower Bounce Rates, Improved Delivery, & Custom Previews

Kajabi email never got this better.

You can now preview texts giving you more control,  significantly lower bounce rates, schedule broadcasts more than 30 days ahead and more exciting features. 

Check out these features in details and how they can help grow your business:  Kajabi updates- Lower Bounce Rates, Improved Delivery, & Custom Previews


 Kajabi vs Teachable: The Best Online Course Platform for 2019 [Updated]

Not sure about the best online platform for your course?

Have a look at the comparative post between Kajabi and Teachable on the link below to determine what suits your business needs.

Kajabi vs Teachable: The Best Online Course Platform for 2019 [Updated]

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