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The Business Classroom Mastermind;

coordinated by Sam Howard.

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Offering Bloggers & Small Business Owners

Tech support, know how, encouragement and guidance to UP-LEVEL your business and blog.

24/7 Support

Each Mastermind group has a maximum of 4 people. 

Each group has their own private chat room and all TBC members have a private forum to chat and get support at any time. 

Increased Productivity

Masterminds is not all about talking. 

We spend this valuable time to get stuff DONE and FINISHED. 

Latest updates are implemented in our session so you are always current. 

Personal Cheer Squad

It can be really lonely when working from home or starting out in business. 

Masterminds allows you to have your own personal cheer squad to celebrate your achievements and help you through the hard times. 

Weekly live masterminding with other bloggers and small business owners includes:

  • brainstorm
  • share
  • discuss new ideas
  • troubleshooting current issues
  • staying updated with the latest social media trends, website updates, and business changes.

Helping you to take action!

Inspiring each other to achieve blogging goals and to build your tribe!

Attend Masterminds from ANYWHERE in the world. 

Video conferencing using any mobile device or computer.

“One of the most grounding and supportive business outsourcing and educational choices I’ve made is in joining a weekly Masterminds with The Business Classroom. Sam’s help and support means I don’t have to stress about particular updates or not staying maintained or consistent in the back end and in my blogs as well as my online Teachables platform and shop. 
It’s great to know I’m not alone in what I’m trying to achieve.
The Business Classroom Masterminds has most definitely helped me to UPlevel my business on all fronts and gives me that weekly connection and motivation I need to give my business the time it deserves and needs! ”
— Kerry Spina, Kids in Harmony

Pricing Options

Masterminds membership is offered both as a stand alone membership or as apart of TBC Club.

You can cancel at anytime.

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- Weekly Mastermind Session

- 24/7 Community

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