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UP-LEVEL your blog with the latest knowledge and support from our TBC Club. Our community let's you learn, stay updated and put your ideas to action to achieve your blogging goals.

Small Business Development Packages

The Business Classroom is a self-paced online business school that has been designed in a way to give you to best chance at building your own profitable and thriving business.

Masterminds - Weekly Live Masterminds Sessions

The School Yard – An amazing place to meet with your fellow students and share ideas and successes

Your price is locked in for as long as you're a member, no price increases for current members.

TBC Club


per month



1 x 1:1 45 minute session with Sam per month

Masterminds - Weekly mastermind sessions

The School Yard 

BONUS The Student Councillor – $47.00 per request – This is a service where you can send us a request and we will get back to you within 24 hours with an answer on how to do your question in your business.

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How can a VA help me?

Ever wondered what sort of tasks a Virtual Assistant (VA) can assist you with in your business or blog?

Grab our new information booklet with 25 ideas of how a virtual assistant can help you in your business.


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