25 Ways a Virtual Assistant (VA) can help you and your business

A Virtual Assistant (VA) can be a valuable member of any business/blogging team.

Outsourcing the areas in your business that don’t directly make you profit or that you don’t enjoy can help free you up to work ON your business not IN your business.


  1. Answer customers’ general inquiries
  2. Commenting on blogs for SEO purposes
  3. Assist with blogging – editorial calendar, writing posts, uploading and formatting posts, scheduling posts, graphics for posts / social media, scheduling blog posts on social media, staying on top of comments and interacting with your audience, monetizing your blog, coordinate guest posts.
  4. Assist you with managing your online store – uploading and managing products online, inventory, promoting, sales support, reporting.
  5. Be your OBM (Online Business Manager) and oversee your whole business and assist you with the management side of running your business freeing you up to do the creative activities in your business.
  6. Moderate and filter comments on your blog
  7. Help you with email list programs- setting up the email program, opt-ins, integrating with your social media and website, testing and sending campaigns/newsletters.
  8. Set up and manage your sales/email funnels – ensuring that there are no bottlenecks in your funnel, tech support, ensuring links are current and working in all emails and reporting on unsubscribe regular occurrence emails.
  9. Assist with your launches – setting up sales pages, opt-ins, product/service set up / delivery set up, social media, email marketing, planning and accountability.
  10. Transcribe your audio and videos.
  11. Assist with re-purposing your content.
  12. Help you stay on top of your bookkeeping – invoicing clients, chasing outstanding payments, filing.
  13. Provide video editing services.
  14. Assist with audio editing services.
  15. Create graphics for your social media, website, optins.
  16. Pitch you and your business for guest posts, podcasts or video interview segments.
  17. Assist with meetings – preparing agendas, scheduling, writing minutes.
  18. Manage your podcasts – schedule, audio editing, uploading to iTunes (or your chosen platform), promoting, coordinating guests.
  19. Assist with editing and proofreading.
  20. Recruit other members to your team on yoiur behalf
  21. Moderate Facebook Lives, Periscope Sessions – remove trolls, post links and answer questions from audience without the need to interrupt your session.
  22. Regularly check your website for broken links, check contact forms and opt ins are working correctly, check content is current and not outdated.
  23. Manage and maintain your YouTube Channel – uploading videos, inserting prompts and links within your videos, managing and interacting with comments, ensuring your links work to your promotions, promoting your channel.
  24. Keep your desktop and cloud files organised and systematised.
  25. Help with personal tasks – paying bills, booking personal appointments, house management, travel coordination, vehicle management, services management.

Need more ideas on how a virtual assistant can help you and your business?

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*** Please Note:- not all virtual assistants or virtual assistant businesses will offer the 25 services listed or the additional 25 listed in our downloadable document – please enquire about the services your virtual assistant or potential virtual assistant offers to ensure they meet your requirements for your business. You may need more then one virtual assistant for your business depending your needs and their skill sets. ***

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