4 Essential Areas of Training for all Employees

business business tools employees Feb 03, 2016

Perhaps you’ve started looking around your offices and noticed that your employees don’t possess a skillset as you would like. If so, then today is the day to start training them! There are so many useful business tools out there that are pivotal for your employees to learn.

Here are four things your staff needs training in immediately to ensure they understand the basics and enough not to cause you more trouble in your workplace.


This is the biggest tool in marketing right now, so it’s kind of important that your employees get to grips with it – at least the basics, anyhow! This is particularly appropriate if you think that outsourcing might be too expensive. Simply train up your existing team. Explain the concept behind SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimisation, and then how to implement it to your employees.

Google Docs

Google’s online office suite is awesome. It’s exceptional for productivity and will allow your employees to work on one document at the same time. That spells the end for overwriting important files and the loss of crucial data! Chances are, that your staff are already using or have vast experience in Microsoft’s office suite. However, the use of Google Docs is just as important and features a very familiar layout. This means that many of the features that everybody in the office is used to using are easily found on Google’s alternative platform. Therefore, you should be able to train them up in no time! You’ll soon start noticing the results.

Microsoft Office

Nevertheless, you can’t go purely without Microsoft Office. Simply for all its incredible advanced and professional features. If your company relies on Excel a lot for budgeting or organising, then it may be worth considering a Microsoft Excel training provider. For a small cost, you can have your employees fully trained in the more advanced areas of Excel, as well as in the basics too (if required!). That way, nobody in the office will be able to say that they don’t feel comfortable or confident on the computer. As a result, productivity will skyrocket!

Social Media

Social media platforms are massive in business right now. Nobody in their right mind should not know how to use it if they truly want to be successful. You need to instill this belief into your employees. This can be done through vigorous training across multiple social media platforms. This may include: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Perhaps get teaching them about audience optimisation on Facebook pages. This is a great real-world example of how social media can effectively impact upon a business. You don’t want employees who do not understand the platforms you are using in your business to be managing them because they can do more damage then good if done incorrectly.

Hopefully, these tips have given you some idea of how important training up your staff really is. It’s pivotal to your business’ success that your employees have vast and expansive knowledge of the latest technological trends.