5 Secrets to Keeping Your Employees Motivated

employees organisation Dec 02, 2015

It doesn’t matter whether you are a new business owner or have been running a business for years, keeping staff motivated can be a real challenge. Of course, for your business to be productive, a motivated workforce is crucial.

That being said, when it comes to instilling motivation into your employees, it can sometimes seem impossible. A motivated workforce is vital, as it’s motivation that pushes people to be productive. If you want your employees to complete their daily tasks on time, it’s essential that you know how to encourage them.

To help you keep your employees motivated, we thought that we’d share five secrets for success, with you, here:

Getting to know each employee is a must

Many employers don’t make the effort to get to know each of their employees, but it’s important that you do so. Don’t just think of your employees as skills, think of them as people.

Giving each employee individual attention every once in a while is important. Taking the time to speak to an employee, can be all it takes to make him or her feel happy and willing to work harder.

Reward hard work

If you want employees who are motivated and always put in every effort, make sure to reward them for their hard work. Often, team members get the idea that their boss doesn’t know how much work they put in. And because of this, doesn’t appreciate all the things that they do.

To show to your employees that this isn’t true, make sure to thank each and every one of them for their hard work. A simple email thanking them is all it takes to show them that you care, and they will be more motivated because of it.

Invest in them

Show your employees that you value what they do and their skills by investing in them, and giving them the opportunity to learn new things. By offering to pay for your employees, to undergo extra training, you are showing them that you believe in them. This will motivate your team members as they will want to work harder to thank you.

An excellent way to show your employees just how much you care is by organizing a training conference. Look at hiring corporate function venues, and once you’ve chosen a location, book trainers and speakers. Putting on a special event just for your staff, will show them just how much you care about their careers.

Socialise with your workforce

We’re not suggesting that you make your employees your best friends, as this is a recipe for total disaster. However, what is a good idea, is to socialise with your workers in a professional setting.

Many employees feel like their boss is above them, which can lead to a lack of motivation. However, by socializing with your employees, you can show them that you value them. This gives the feeling of equality, making your employees feel valued and cared about.

Create a nice working environment

You know how you like to have a nice environment to work in – well your employees are the same. You’ll find that staff who have a comfortable and clean space to work in, are more likely to work harder.

Statistics have shown that when it comes to the space that your employees have to work in, the look and feel of it can determine how motivated they are. This is why, when it comes to designing your employee’s work area, it’s important to get it right.

Want a workforce that is motivated and willing to work hard? Motivation is the key.

We would love to hear your suggestions on how you motivate your employees or how you like to be motivated by your employers.