5 Tips to Get Noticed on Social Media

guest post social media Feb 16, 2019

Social media is a very crowded environment, so standing out will definitely be a challenge. Even though we are active on various social media platforms, it is very difficult to keep up with all social media marketing techniques that allow you to grab the attention of people.

Clearly, it’s not enough to just share some photos and articles to persuade people to follow you. Becoming famous on social media takes much more than that, and if you ever imagined how it would be like to be famous on social media, read on, I’m going to show you what you need to do.

For starters, you need a very strong marketing strategy and coordinate all your activities to be consistent. It’s not enough to share a good piece of content if you share it at the wrong moment of the day.

Your success on social media is possible if you manage to get exposed to the right people, at the right moment of time, and in the right way.

This guide is going to show you how to become popular on social media. So, keep reading and feel free to experiment with these tips. You will see that all your efforts will pay off nicely in the end.

Use hashtags to appear in more search results

If you want to connect with a larger audience, hashtags are extremely helpful. People use them when they are interested in specific topics.

This means that they will see your posts and discover your profile if you use them regularly. There’s no universal formula for creating viral hashtags, so you can use your imagination to create your own ones based on the niche you chose to focus on.

You can also search for similar hashtags and see how popular they are. Furthermore, you can also have a look at what your competitors are doing and use their hashtags as well.

However, even if they are so efficient, you should also stay away from hashtag overload. When you fill your post with hashtags, it becomes spammy and many visitors will miss the message you want to transmit.

You should also know that hashtags are the most effective when used on Instagram and Twitter because they are used the most there. Here are some stats to back this up:

  • Instagram posts with hashtags generate average 12.6 percent more engagement than posts without (source: WordStream)
  • Tweets with one hashtag get 29 percent more engagement than those without (Source: WebFX)
  • Facebook posts without hashtags generate more interaction than those with them (source: Buzzsumo).

Here are the official guides to using hashtags on Twitter and Instagram for you for more tips on using them properly.


Offer quality and helpful content

You can get more followers when you are really good at what you do. Social media users have become very demanding and they are extremely sensitive to mediocrity. The internet is full of good quality content. So, the competition is pretty big.

Depending on what type of social media channel you use, you need to consider using professional photos and videos. Your followers like to see that you invest in your image and you want to show them the best of what you have.

What is more, quality isn’t always synonym to seriousness. The most popular social media profiles are fun to watch. Therefore, you need to be adaptable and discover what your followers are interested in. For example, you can post funny jokes and engaging content to attract your audience.

Also, don’t forget to use content discovery tools such as Buzzsumo to find the most popular content on social media at the moment. This can give you some ideas of how to create your own content and get your fair share of that popularity.


Post your content at the right time

Even though you post your content on a regular basis, you need a very detailed planning if you want to become popular on social media. It is not enough to just post every day if no one sees it. There are certain moments during the day which offer you the highest chances to get noticed on social media.

For example, a recent study showed that the best moments to post something on Facebook are Thursday and Friday. If you want to get in even more details, the best times to post something on Facebook are in the mornings before everyone goes to work and in the afternoon when people come back home.

When it comes to Twitter, the situation is pretty much the same. If you want your posts to be noticed, you can post them on Friday, Sunday, and Saturday. You will have more success as people tend to spend more time on Twitter during the weekend. The best time to re-tweet is 5 pm, while the best time for click-throughs is 6 pm.


Give and take 

Do you really want to increase your number of followers? It is not enough to just share your own posts if you want to increase your popularity. You need to also interact with other popular people or even start a collaboration.

For instance, you can share their content together with your advice and comments. This is an efficient method to gain more followers and get noticed.

For example, you can congratulate small business owners about their success or you can share a post about a charity organization and support a good cause. What is more, there are a lot of people who ask for help.

You can comment on their posts and offer your services without being too pushy. Your followers will appreciate your attitude and thus your popularity will increase.


Know your social media platforms

There are many social media platforms where you can open an account. Even though you might think that if you open an account on as many platforms as possible you will have success, this isn’t always true. Instead of opening too many accounts, it is always better to focus only on a few platforms.

For example, you can choose two of the most popular social media platforms and update them regularly. What is more, you can also inter-connect them and thus post your content on both platforms at the same time.

If you don’t know on which platform you need to focus, you have to think first of the age of your audience. So, if you want to target a younger audience, then Twitter and Instagram can be a good option. On the other hand, if you address your messages to older people, then you should consider Pinterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

What everyone should understand is that once you become popular on social media, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have anything else to do. On the contrary, this is a full-time job that you should take very seriously.

The Bottom Line

If you want to keep your audience interested in your business, you need to produce original and fresh content permanently and stay in contact with your followers. Consistency is the key to the success on social media. If you want to stand out of the crowd and be ahead of your competitors, you need to produce something unique and shareable.


*** This Guest Post was from Kristin Savage ***

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