Adult Play Dough: Will be the next adult craze

business tools review Dec 25, 2015

Move over adult colouring books!

Adult Play Dough is the next big adult craze!

Stress relief in the palm of your hand.

I was really lucky to receive a parcel from the amazing Alex from Perth Playdo, with samples of this new craze!

I personally find colouring in very stressful and a time waste but love the feel of play dough and the fact I can multitask with it.

Perth Playdo has just released their DOUGH-LUXE range (well back in October but I only just found them), and they have already been feature in newspaper articles and on The Project! Amazing start for any new business.

Opening the parcel

When I first opened the parcel the first thing that struck me was the smell – they smell amazing!!

The samples I got were the lavender / relax Dough-Luxe, after playing with them you can still smell the Lavender and they are very relaxing (don’t know if that is the play dough or the essential oils), don’t recommend playing with the relax / lavender one in the middle of the day as it did make me feel rather tired, which is not a good thing when you have plenty more work, more suitable for when you are trying to go to sleep. I was very surprised to read the ingredients they all seem eatable. I was also surprised that my hands were not purple after playing with the play dough, I know when I have made it for friends kids I have always ended up with dyed hands from the food colouring.

Will definitely be ordering some Uplifiting one for during business hours.

Dough-Luxe made for you

You have the choice of your own colour and the essential oil that you want in your Dough-Luxe.

You can choose from:-


  • Orange: Joyful, warm, sociable, successful, happy
  • Yellow: Mental clarity, cheerful, optimism, inspiration
  • Green: Peace, renewal, love, hope, harmony, growth, life
  • Blue: Communication, creativity, vitality, knowledge, health, calm
  • Purple: Serenity, stillness, imagination, sleep

Essential Oils: 

  • Wild Orange or Lemon: Uplifting
  • Breathe (Mostly eucalyptus): Breathe Easy
  • Lavender: Sleep
  • Lemongrass: Headaches

Grab Your Own

Check out the Perth Playdo website.

Alex offers a range of options:-

  • Dough-Luxe – 40g
    • Your choice of colour and essential oil
  • Dough-Team – 10 participants (do have other packages for more participants)
    • Team-building pack is designed for a team of 10 (other packages available) includes 5 different play dough colours (everyone gets one), a facilitators workbook with 10 playdough team exercises and all the resources you need to complete them.
  • Dough-Party – 10 Guests (comes in different guest sizing)
    • Perfect party games
    • Includes a tub of play dough for each guest, along with party games book of bridal and baby shower games.
    • Tubs can be personilised
  • Dough-Kids
    • 1kg of Play dough
    • Play Kits that include a combination of toys, decorations, natural pieces and play dough
      • Dinosaur Kit
      • Cupcake Set
      • Pizza Set
      • Nature Set
  • Dough-Me – 24 tubs
    • Personalised play dough for your business.
      • Great for corporate gifts, branded giveaways, client gifts


This is an amazing new product launched right here in WA!!

I was only just blogging last month about creative promotional gifts that would make your brand stand out and be remember – I believe this product could definitely be the next big thing in branded gifts.

And why not :-

  • It can be individually branded
  • It is very budget friendly
  • The product is easy to carry everywhere with you
  • It is reusable!!
  • Suitable for all ages and sexes.

This is not a Paid Sponsored post – I did receive 2 Lavender Dough-Luxe samples so I could see what the product was like and to allow me to ensure that I was only recommending businesses and products that I 100% would buy myself and use however was under no obligation to post regarding them, and this blog post has not be edited by Alex or anyone at Perth Playdo.

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