Avoid the Stress – Back Up Your Website



The last thing you want to happen is to receive a message from a prospective client advising you that your website is down or heaven forbid has been HACKED !!

Then you realise that you have never actually backed up your website and your hosting provider does not have a back up either……

Backing up your website is one of the most important steps of managing your website. Backing up ensures you have a copy to reload if anything was to happen to your website, maybe you made some changes to the code and now you can not log in, maybe you loaded a new plugin now you get the white screen of death, maybe you haven’t been on your website in a couple of weeks and when you go to do some work on your website you notice it is down….

WordPress makes it easier to back up your website there is a large range of plugins that will back up your website. We have tried a few and the number one most reliable plugin (when it comes to needing to restore with ease) has got to be iThemes Back Up Buddy.

Even if your host does back ups for your website it is recommended to do your own, so you know 100% that a back up has been done.


  • At least weekly, if you go in and make small changes during the week, reply to comments, etc
  • Before you update plug ins or your WordPress software
  • Straight after you have done a lot of changes on your website – Back Up buddy has a large display on your dashboard that tells you how many edits on your website have been done since you last backed up. Great reminder to go do it.

It is important to send your backup offsite so if something happens with your server or hosting provider you still have access to your backup.

Backup Buddy allows you to send your backups to the following remote destinations:-

  • Backup Buddy Stash
  • Amazon S3
  • Dropbox
  • Email
  • FTP
  • Local Directory
  • Rackspace
  • sFTP
  • Download to your computer

It is always a good idea to run both the database and complete back up for “just in case” and they only take a couple of minutes to do and could save you hours of heartache trying to redo your website again.

Remember – Backups depending on the size of your website can take up a lot of space, so don’t forget to regularly clean up your where you are storing your backups, and your local directory if you are also saving backups to there as well.

Do you want step by step lessons on how to correctly backup your wordpress website – Sign up now as a student and you will get this lesson and many more.

Sam’s Best Tip for Backing Up Your Website

 You can never back up enough!!! There is nothing worse then spending all your time writing new blogs, setting up pages and to have something go wrong and you have to start again 🙁



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