Co-Schedule Review: Web-based Solution for Anytime Access

review social media website Oct 04, 2019

The Business Classroom continues to use Co-schedule for years now. Shows you how reliable the tool has been and it always gets better.

We first reviewed it in 2015 as a one-stop solution for bloggers and so much has improved over the years.

What is CoSchedule

Co-schedule is an all-in-one marketing/editorial calendar that let’s visualize everything across different platforms. You can access it directly on the web or on WordPress by installing the CoSchedule plugin. In this review, we focus on its web-based platform.

How do you get started? It’s super easy, just head over to the CoSchedule website and enjoy a free 14 days trial to get started.

Setting things up is rather easy as you’ll get clear guidelines to help you out. You can also find helful videos on this page.

Here’s how it works and what you can expect after signing up

Main features

All-in-one marketing calendar

You don’t have to look for what is scheduled or has published in the different platforms you use.  You’ll find a one month’s overview where you can easily scroll to the past or upcoming months. The best part is you can drag and drop the social message to a preferred date. You can also schedule message at a specific time or leave it to CoSchedule artificial intelligence to schedule at the best time.


ReQueue Function

On your right, you'll see a three line menu bar where you can choose the requeue the function.

Inside the requeue you’ll see past published messages and the different groups you have created.

 Head over and sign up for your own free 14 day trial.


Get in-depth social network and campaign analysis of how your posts are performing across the different platforms. Every marketer knows the importance of backing up your efforts with data to help scale your business.


Assign tasks

While we haven’t used this feature at The Business Classroom, this is yet another powerful way to utilize CoSchedule with your team. You can create and assign tasks seamlessly saving you the extra cost of other project management tools.


Email marketing

CoSchedule integrates with several other tools to help you up your marketing tactics. One of them is the is its Headline Analyzer that guides you in creating posts or emails with crafty headlines to improve the open rate.


Enjoy great discounts from the Referral program

Invite your friends 

For Individual plan subscribers, CoSchedule allows you to save on your monthly subscription through publishing reviews or referring new customers. Referrals give you 10% discount while reviews earn you a 50 % discount. However, be sure to follow the guidelines for each. It’s even possible to get a 100% discount, how exciting!

You can access this information and your referral link on your Calendar Settings> Billing > Referral Pogram.


Is it worth the price?

As a several years user, I would say it’s definitely worth the price.

Powerful analytics, automation to free your time and

There’s a plan for everyone, whether you’re just starting out…

Or need more powerful features.

We even now use it with our Kajabi website