Correct VA/OBM Call Out Post

outsourcing virtual assistant Oct 28, 2018

So, you’re feeling overwhelmed with business operations and need an extra hand, in this case, a virtual assistant (VA) or online business manager (OBM).

Hiring may not be your best area; hence you’re not sure where to start with the call out to attract the right candidate. You feel like posting, ‘I need a VA’ (not the right way for some reasons) to start receiving interested candidates and hire the one who seems a fit.

Here’s what the correct VA/OBM call out request should feature:

WHAT tasks are you need assistance with?

List down the tasks to outsource, paying attention to time-consuming tasks that don’t translate to significant return on investment. For example, internet research, data entry and social media management.

It makes the call-out straight-forward and weeds out opportunity seekers who may not be up to the tasks. 

WHAT skills do you require?

The tasks you list above will need some skills to be accomplished. For example, in the case of a WordPress site maintenance; you’ll need someone with, at least, some basic HTML knowledge to keep the site running efficiently and post on your behalf.

List the required skills in own section and if necessary, the desired experience (regarding years/months) the candidate should have.

Also ensure you advise if you have the ability to train or if you need someone fully confident in the program/task.

WHAT programs does the person need (also MAC/PC is helpful)

Some computer programs and devices will only run in specific computers. In other tasks, the VA/OBM will need access to software programs such as project management or social media management tools. Be sure to indicate that in the call out post to facilitate a smooth delegation. If necessary, you can send or recommend video tutorials for the candidate you hire to help him/her learn but remember to indicate that you’ll offer training as well on the call-out. Transparency is critical in the hiring process.

WHEN do you need them today/this week?

How soon do you intend to bring them on-board?

Indicate this so you don’t lock out candidates who might be a fit for your project but not currently available.


Is it a one-time project?

Is it an on-going project, and for how long?

How many hours does this take per week/month?


What’s your budget in the case of a fixed price project?

How much are you willing to pay in the case of hourly projects, considering the number of hours the projects take?

Need more ideas on how a virtual assistant can help you and your business?

Download our additional 25 ways booklet.

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*** Please Note:- not all virtual assistants or virtual assistant businesses will offer the 25 services listed or the additional 25 listed in our downloadable document – please enquire about the services your virtual assistant or potential virtual assistant offers to ensure they meet your requirements for your business. You may need more then one virtual assistant for your business depending your needs and their skill sets. ***