CoSchedule Review – What has changed in a year?

The Business Classroom first reviewed CoSchedule in June 2015 you can check out the review and how to – CoSchedule Review – Is it really the one stop solution for your blog?

Over a year ago CoSchedule was definitely a one stop solution for most bloggers but what has changed in a year and is it still competitive in the market now.

What is CoSchedule?

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Why Should Bloggers and Small Businesses use CoSchedule?

  • Web and WordPress Access – You can access it from anywhere at any time
  • Affordable vs other platform’s with similar features
  • Simple to set up and use – Read how simple it is to set up on our blog post CoSchedule Review – Is it really the one stop solution for your blog?
  • Easy to understand and see what you have scheduled and when and with the CoSchedule Chrome Extension you don’t even have to leave your browser to schedule content. As you can see from the screenshot below once you find content you want to share and press the CoSchedule Chrome Extension button the CoSchedule overlay appears and you can select the social media profile you want to share to, you can edit the text and schedule the date and time you want it to post all with the click of a button.

  • Offers a team version that allows everyone to be accountable and can see whats going on where so no posting over the top of posts and everyone is on the same page.
  • The new automation feature allows you to save time scheduling posts.
  • Generous Referral Program
    • CoSchedule will discount your CoSchedule subscription by 10% for each paying customer you refer. You are issued with your own dedicated referrer URL
    • Invite a friend
    • Write a Review (And Save 50%)
    • Add a Banner to Your Site

What has Changed in a Year?

Social Media Accounts

The connects with Social Media list has INCREASED – Now connects with:-

  • Twitter
  • Facebook Profile
  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Group
  • Linkedin Profile
  • Linkedin Compnay
  • Tumblr
  • Google Plus (required Buffer Sign Up)
  • Pinterest {new}
  • Instagram {rumoured to be coming soon}


The features list continues to grow:-

  • Top Posts – see your most popular content and allows for quick rescheduling
  • Publish at the Best Time Feature {new}
  • Schedule your Social Media Messages in BULK {new}
  • Social Media on Autopilot {new – only available on certain plans}
  • Re-Promote Evergreen Content using ReQueue {new – only available on certain plans}
  • Share from the web using CoSchedule’s Chrome Extension {new}
  • Social Tagging {new}
  • Ability to schedule videos directly in CoSchedule {new}
  • Analytics {new}
  • Google Calendar {new}
  • Social Campaign {new}
  • Templates & Shortcodes {new}


As with the features and Social Media platform expansions the Integrations list has also grown this year to now include:-

  • Google Docs
  • Evernote
  • WordPress
  • Chrome Extension
  • Google Analytics
  • Headline Analyzer
  • Buffer

New Pricing Structure

Solo Calendar

Team Calendar

How The Business Classroom uses CoSchedule?

At The Business Classroom we use CoSchedule for all of our social media scheduling onto our Facebook Page, Facebook Groups, Pinterest Boards, Tumblr, Twitter and Google + accounts.

Love the best time feature when scheduling we seem to get increased reach on our Facebook page when we use this feature vs picking a time randomly myself.

I love how easy it is to schedule posts to 5+ areas simply and easily, it even shows me what the post will look like on each of the platforms which I love as it allows me to customise the post for the platform. It is easy to schedule and rearranging posts is as simple as drag and drop.

The new template, social campaign and shortcodes are great for regular promotions (we use them for our Quick Fix session promotions), allows you to schedule in bulk and quickly a post you regularly want to come out on your platforms.

The Business Classroom will be continuing to use CoSchedule for all our social media scheduling.

Questions we got from our readers about CoSchedule

  •  Does it recycle content like MeetEdgar?
    • Since the last review on CoSchedule they have now introduced Requeue on the Solo Automation Plan which allows a set and forget scheduling that fills the the schedule itself if you have gaps in your scheduling.
    • MeetEdgar recently had a price increase to $79 (if paid monthly) or $49 (if paid annually) vs CoSchedule Solo Automation $60 (if paid for annually) $79 (if paid monthly)
  • Does CoSchedule post pins to Pinterest
    • YES – that was a new feature added in the last 12 months, allows you to pin to any of the boards you have set up in your Pinterest Profile.
  • Does CoSchedule post to Instagram?
    • As of when I am writing this blog post the answer is No – however they have advised that it is in the pipeline currently to be an added social media integration in the future.
  • Is CoSchedule easy to use for visual people?
    • Very easy to use as you can view all your scheduled posts in calendar form and choose to view the calendar 1 – 6 week view depending on how you like to view your content, can choose if your weeks start on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday.

Free 14 Day Trial

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*** Please Note:- CoSchedule offers a discount for written reviews – however as per all our blog posts we only post what we 100% believe and how we feel about the product/service ***

***Prices and features were correct at time of publishing ***

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