Easy Ways To Improve Your Work Day

business Sep 07, 2019

Working is something we all have to do, but it is not something we all enjoy. Money makes the world go round and unfortunately for us it also means that we need to make money to live. 

Making the most of working in the business world is something we should all try to do because it can be lucrative and also it can be fun. Being able to build a business or a career from the ground up is great and it can give us a lot of opportunities. 

Today we want to talk about some of the ways to make your boring working day go a little faster and a little smoother, to allow you to enjoy your time and get things done. 

Use a call answering service 

There’s nothing more distracting and more annoying than having to answer the phone at work. No one enjoys answering the phone and it can be an annoyance to pick up the phone every 2 seconds for calls which have no bearing on your work. This is why call answering companies are becoming more and more popular and you should consider using one today. These companies will take calls for you and only bring through the most important ones. 

Don't Plan on Doing Too Much

We all have this overarching issue in the workplace where we expect too much of ourselves and try to fit too much into the working day. If you want to make your life a lot easier in the office, don’t overload yourself with work and always leave free time in the day for things which overrun, or even just to allow yourself some breathing time. Don’t try to cram too much into your day because this will only lead to stress which will ruin your day and make you feel ill. 

Focus on reward 

When working in an effective way in the office the best thing you can do is focus on tasks which offer a high reward first. For example if you are between emailing a client for a sale or creating an ad campaign, you should always email the client first because you are likely to see a reward from this. Always focus on tasks which make you look good to your boss and worry about the other stuff later. 

Work in Sprints

In the workplace there are a lot of ways which we can struggle when it comes to everyday tasks. One of the reasons why the day seems to drag so much could be that you are completing the same task for hours and hours without a break. It is important to break your working day up into different tasks and you can usually work in small sprints and move onto another task to achieve this. It will make your life much easier and it will allow you to keep focused on your work. 

Give Each Day a Theme

A handy way to keep you focused in the workplace as well as make your life easier in the office is to give each day a different theme. If you work on multiple projects and types of work this can be effective because you can set aside a day in the week to work on one type of project and this can help you to get into the right headspace and stay focused. 

Start hard 

When you have a whole chunk of tasks to complete and one of those tasks is incredibly difficult, it can be tempting for you to leave this task and work on other things first but this is never a good idea. The best thing you can do for yourself when it comes to working on difficult tasks is to dive right in as soon as you get to work. The moment you land in the office grab yourself a coffee and get to work. It will make life so much easier and it will also ensure that you don’t procrastinate and leave the job until too late to start. 

Know your limits 

There will be days when you are on a roll and days where your work just isn’t getting off the ground. It is important when working to know your limits each and every day and change the way you work to fit them. It is unrealistic to expect yourself to work in the same way every single day and this is something which can cause you to really struggle. Ensure that on fast days you take advantage of your mood and on slow days take it easy and let yourself get into the flow.

Don't be afraid to outsource

The time will come in your business when it is usually cheaper and quicker to get someone else to complete tasks for your business, then the time and cost of time you spend doing the task. Start small and as you get more confident with outsourcing then you can start to slowly outsource more of your to do list so you can spend time working on your business not in your business.

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