Facebook Audience Optimisation for Facebook Pages

blogging social media Jan 25, 2016

Am I the only person who is REALLY excited about this new feature Facebook has just added to their Facebook Pages? Surely not!

Facebook Pages have just had the new Facebook Audience Optimization featured added!!

What is Audience Optimization?

As defined in the Facebook media blog

“Is an organic targeting tool to help publishers reach and engage their audiences on Facebook and better understand the interests of people clicking on their posts. This tool lets you improve the relevancy of your post by indicating who is most likely to engage with it, which can increase engagement at both the post and Page level.”

There is 3 new features incorporated in the Audience Optimization:-

  • Preferred Audience
  • Audience Restrictions
  • Audience Insights

This feature should allow us to see higher engagement on posts by targeting those that are interested in your post content and not your whole audience and allowing you to exclude those that will not be interested in your post. Facebook does state doesn’t increase your organic reach.

How to activate the new feature

To turn on Audience Optimization you need to go to your Facebook Page then Settings.

Ensure that the box is checked in the General Settings – News Feed Audience and Visibility for posts section. Save Changes

To check if it is activated, when you go to post on your page you will now see the target symbol next to the clock – you are now ready to start using the new feature.

How to use Audience Optimization

Post as you would normally through Facebook but when you click the target symbol you will now have a pop up appear.

First Tab – News Feed Targeting

2nd Tab – Audience Restrictions

Write your post as normal then select Audience Optimization – enter the interests or pages that your likers might be interested in and that would make your post relevant to them.

Prior to posting your post will look like this


Once your post has reached 100 people you will be able to check out more detailed targeted audience reporting and be able to see the figures for each of the interests that you targeted for your post.

I will post the insights view once the insights is activated.

More Information

Facebook Media – Introduction Audience Optimization for Publishers

Facebook Media – Get Started – Audience Optimization

Facebook Best Practices for Audience Optimization visit their best practices media page.

Have you tried the new feature? Have you seen higher engagement on your Facebook Pages posts?