Facebook Branded Content Changes – How they impact bloggers

social media Apr 10, 2017

Are you a blogger who is currently providing branded content?

Are you a blogger looking to monetise your blog?

Do you use Facebook as one of your social media platforms to promote paid content?

If so you need to check out Facebooks latest changes.

This year Facebook has been making some pretty big changes to their platform that impact not just everyday users but also bloggers and small businesses who use the platform to promote their partnerships with brands and other businesses.

Changes to Facebook Pages & Profiles and Branded Content

Facebook’s latest polices for Branded content are highlighted below, you can find these on their website – Facebook Branded Content Policies.

This is Facebooks second change to these policies for 2017 so keep an eye out for more in the future no doubt.

How does this affect bloggers?

If you operate your blog through a Blue Tick Verified Facebook Profile (if you blog under your name) or a Blue Tick Verified Facebook Page you were required to comply with the Facebook Branded Content Policies.

However on the 30th of March, 2017 Facebook changed the rules and have opened up Branded Content functions and you can now apply to have your page updated to include the Branded Content Tool.

These changes were made due to feedback from the Facebook partners, the 3 changes made were:-

  • Enabling more Facebook Pages to share branded content on Facebook
  • Updating the branded content tag
  • Simplifying our policy and enforcement guidelines.

You can read more about the latest update on the Facebook Media Blog – Bringing Branded Content to More Pages.

How to apply for the Facebook Branded Content Tool?

You can submit your request on the Request Access to the Branded Content Tool page.

Select your page you wish to request access for from the Select Page dropdown menu.

Press Send and you're all done, Facebook will get back to you within 2 business days on the status of your application.

How will this impact bloggers posts?

Facebook now wants users to be able to see when branded content is posted.

Branded content posts will now not only mention the page name “with” the brand but will also have “Paid” next to the time stamp.

Bloggers will still be responsible for complying with their niche, local and brand disclosure obligations.

What will happen if bloggers don’t comply?

If bloggers post content that is in violation to the Facebook Branded Content Policies they will receive a notification letting them know what need to be corrected. The violating post will still appear on your Facebook page but will be hidden from the news feed until the violation has been fixed.

Remember this could change at any time…. When this policy was first released violating posts were removed without warning. So make sure you stay on top of the latest Facebook policies to ensure you have your social media complying.

And remember this is just what action Facebook will take, not the brand, the government bodies or niche industry bodies……

Why is disclosure important?

Want to read more about bloggers responsibility when it comes to disclosing working with brands check out the below blog posts for more information:-

USA – Bloggers

Australian Bloggers

Google even has a policy for bloggers and disclosing. Find out more on the Smart Company blog – Google warns bloggers on product review disclosure.


You are also required to comply with any disclosure requirements the brand puts on you as apart of your agreement. 

You need to ensure that you comply with the platforms rules regarding disclosures of brand partnerships as well. You would hate to lose your social media channel due to not complying. 

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