Getting the most out of your Facebook Group

facebook facebook groups social media social media updates Sep 27, 2020
Getting the most out of your Facebook Group

Facebook is always releasing new updates for their platform. 

Some new changes this month include:- 

Facebook Group Insights

You might have seen in recent weeks that there are now insights in your Facebook Group. 

This is a huge game changer. 

Now you can see which posts get the most engagement, their reach and even how many people clicked on the post. 

Not only can you see individual post insights you can now also see insights for the group. You can now track Total Members and Active Members. Both are great to show how engaged your Facebook Group actually is. 

As well as popular days and times. 

You can also now find data about your members - Age, gender, location, as well as top contributors. 

Keyword Alerts

If you set up keywords, a keyword alert will appear here every time a member uses a keyword. You'll be able to review the content containing the keywords and take action. Members won't know that you've been alerted.

Automatic Membership Approval

If you run a local community group you can set up Automatic Membership Approval. 

Which feature do you like most? 

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