How to add Facebook Messenger chat to your website

how to social media Aug 06, 2020

Want a quick and easy way for your customers and website visitors to contact you? 

Why not install Facebook Messenger on your website?

How to get your Facebook Messenger Code

Log into your Facebook account. 

Go to your Facebook Page that you would like to connect to your website. 

Click "Settings"

Click "Messaging"

(or quick find URL - - don't forget to replace the "YourFBPageUsername" in the quick find URL with your actual Facebook Page Username)

Scroll down to "Add Messenger to your website"

Click "Get Started"

You will now see a pop-up - make sure you don't have a popup blocker enabled or you might not be able to see the setup screen.  Click "Next"

You can choose a range of different settings on this screen:-

  • Choose a default language
  • Create a Greeting message
  • Let people chat as a guest (Let people chat with your business without logging in to Messenger while using the Chat Plugin on your website.)

Once you have made all your selections press "Next"

Now you can choose the colour of your Facebook Messenger icon to match your business brand colours. 

Once you have selected your colour and happy - press "next".


Add website domain names that you would like your Facebook Messenger installed on. These domains will be able to display the chat plugin. 

You can now choose to install the code yourself, which it will then provide you with the code for you to copy on the right-hand side or you can choose to email the instructions to your developer. 

Once you have got your code press "Finish".

Congratulations you are ready to install it on your website. 

Installing Facebook Messenger on your Kajabi website.

Log into your Kajabi website.

Click "Settings"

Click "Site Details"

Scroll down and paste your code into the "Page Scripts" section

Don't forget to press "Save"

Congratulations you now have the Facebook Messenger on your Kajabi website.

Installing Facebook Messenger on your WordPress website.


You can choose to paste the code in your <body> section or you can use a Plugin to make it quick and simple. 

Need help? Or want it done for you?