How to Get Verified on Instagram

blogging business tools social media Jan 08, 2019

It feels great to be validated, more like being in a winning team. This is the first step to gaining recognition and setting yourself apart from the competition. So how exactly do you prove your legitimacy on Instagram?

Log into the Instagram app

Log into the Instagram app using your credentials or indirectly through Facebook.

Go to settings

Select your profile and hover to the three buttons at the top right side of your account to go the settings menu.

Go to request verification

Scroll down and select the ‘Request Verification’ option just below ‘Switch to Business to Profile.’

Fill in the form

You will be required to submit your username, full names as used in your official documents and also upload a photo available in one of the government IDs you have such as a passport or driver’s license. You can also use the photo available in any official business document such as tax filings.


Having followed the above steps, click on the Send button to request verification process. Instagram will then let you know of the status of verification once this is reviewed.

As a quick tip, ensure your account complies with Instagram’s terms of service as well as the community guidelines. The verification process is free, and Instagram is said to review the accounts based on factors such as notability and authenticity.

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