How to Start a Finance Blog

blogging making money Feb 16, 2016

Starting a blog sounds like a simple task at first. Get a domain, build your website, and create content regularly. Easy, right? Sure, but creating a successful blog takes so much more than that. You have to be relevant in every possible aspect, and your content has to be both engaging and capable of placing itself and your site into the first page of every single search engine available. Now that’s hard. But not at all impossible, a successful blog can be your gateway to financial stability.

And what better topic to write about than finance itself? Today’s economy is entirely globalized, and people are trading millions of dollars in assets every single second. Just in Forex alone, the estimated volume traded is estimated to reach a stunning USD 7.8 trillion per day by 2019. That’s an increment of close to 40% from what it is today.

A huge part of this entire volume is traded online. Companies like CMC Markets are playing an important role in the market because they allow more and more people to start trading assets, with a relatively lower risk than traditional brokers. Why? Because they use a form of derivative trading called “Margin Trading”. In it, you can trade positions at only a small size of the entire asset, sometimes as low as just 2%. The potential profits are increased, but so are the potential losses, because you can end up losing even more than your initial deposits.

How to Build a Successful Finance Blog

In such a fragile and volatile economic momentum as we are living today, we need to make carefully planned financial decisions. This is exactly what your blog should be about, you need to create relevant content that will help investors worldwide to always have an upper hand. It should include an automatically updated news feed, market statistics, and, of course, have a very interactive type of platform, where your readers can interact amongst each other and share all this valuable information.

More importantly, when people are looking for answers in all those search engines, your content should be as relevant as to appear on the first page. In order to achieve this, you need to make a proper use of all the most widely searched keywords for your particular financial niche.

If you have a Google account, then you can make the most out of one of its features, Google Analytics. It will provide you with some basic statistical and analytical tools for Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. You will learn to identify primary and secondary keywords, and fine tune all your content to be properly indexed and therefore, be more relevant to every search.

How a Successful Blog can turn into Profit

Running a blog doesn’t mean your sole purpose is to be informative and help people, all that hard work should also be rewarded and there are several ways to turn your blog into a great source of income. Have you ever wondered why some commercials are so incredibly expensive? Well, that is simply because they are presented where they will have the more exposure or more traffic. Analogously, if your blog has enough traffic, it means you have full control over what can go through it. Several companies in your specific financial niche are looking for more exposure, and they do it via successful blogs.

By creating enough traffic, the potential income is endless. You can negotiate direct and indirect ads, affiliate programs, email newsletters, product sales, you name it. This should be your ultimate goal when building a blog. It will allow you to turn something you love, into a huge source of passive income. You need to work really hard at first, but once your blog is well placed and has enough traffic, all you need to do is update it constantly, and let the money passively fall into your pockets.