How to Use Google My Business Marketing Kit

how to marketing organisation Aug 09, 2019

Marketing is a vital aspect of any business.

Google My Business (GMB)  now helps you up your marketing game with its marketing kit that has a collection of stickers, printable kits and video highlights that you can share on your social media channels as well as GMB page.

To get started, you’ll need a GMB page then head over to Google My Business Marketing Kit.

i) Enter the business name in GMB and tap on your name once the suggestions start listing as you type



ii) Once logged in you’ll see the option to download either of the three window stickers – ‘Follow us’ ‘Review us’ ‘Book with us’. Download to find the stickers

 Here’s how the zipped folder download will look like


On opening the ‘review us’, here’s what you’ll find. A nice printable sticker you can put on the desired place in your office


iii) Scroll down to find more printable kits ranging from social media, art and chalkboard designs.


Click on other styles to get more variety with the ability to change to your preferred color below it.


iv) Rights below you’ll see the option to share reviews you get on Google as well as your business information.

Here are some example posts of the business information you can share.


Video Highlights

v) Make your marketing more visual by sharing a video of your highlights below.




vi) Ensure your profile is up-to-date as you can expect more visitors from the marketing efforts.