Interesting Ideas To Market Your Business Successfully

blogging business marketing social media website Oct 03, 2015

Marketing is a key part of your business or blog and how successful you will be.

There are many ways to market a business, but here are some of the most interesting:

Create A Twitter Account

Anyone that knows business and marketing can tell you that social media is a powerful tool. Although Facebook is the most used social media site, I find that Twitter is also good for business use. Simply because it’s a lot better for interacting with people from across the globe. Facebook is much more about connecting with people you know, rather than finding new friends and acquaintances.

Set up your business Twitter account and get tweeting. Your aim should be to find members of your target audience and try to reel them in. Tweet things with relevant hashtags so you will get found by people that care about you. When you have a follower base, you should interact with them, keep them in the loop with your business. The most successful Twitter accounts are ones that keep in touch with their followers. Running an effective Twitter account can definitely promote your business and lead to more customers.

Host An Event

Another ingenious way you can market your business is by hosting an event. Events are great because it allows you to gather a load of people in one place. You can invite people you know will be interested in the services your business offers. So, you’re essentially giving yourself a chance to promote to the people that matter.

There are many events your business could host. It could be as simple as a launch event for your business or a new product. Find a place that offers corporate venue hire and check to see if it’s suitable. Try and make it as professional as possible. Also, don’t forget to shout about your business, talk up all your best ideas, unique selling points and thank your guest publicly. It’s a marvelous way to get yourself noticed and have people talking about your business.

Ideas for events:-

  • Grand Opening
  • Birthday Event
  • Themed events – eg: Melbourne Cup, Christmas
  • Industry related themes
  • Seminars / Training Sessions for your clients / prospective clients
  • Joint venture events with suppliers or other businesses

Design An Online Advertisement

The power of the internet can help any business (both good and negatively). You should all know that designing adverts is a great way to market and promote your business. But, advertising online is the best way for you to advertise. The internet is a massive space, with billions of people online every day. This means there’s way more chance your advert will get seen.

All you need to do is design a catchy ad and then sign up for various ad services. Google have an ad service, and there are also others available. If you sign up for them, they will then find ideal places to put your advert. Normally, they will show up for people that have been searching for things related to your business. If someone sees your ad, they’re more likely to click on it and be directed to your website. This means they’re more likely to like what they see and become a new customer. Social media platforms also have their own advertising systems that can help you get in front of your target market quicker and easier.

Word of Mouth

Tell your existing clients about upcoming changes to the business, new services and / or products and get them to test them out. Word of Mouth is one of the most valuable advertising forms that any business can secure. If people love your services and / or products they will tell everyone they know.

Referral bonuses or special gifts thanking your loyal customers who refer everyone they know.

Social Media Parties

Social media parties have started to take off with MLM companies being the first to put them to full use, however there is no reason that other businesses can not use them effectively to promote their business and sell more products. Facebook parties, Twitter chats and online hangouts are just a few of the ways you can promote your business actively online using social media – and don’t forget about the new live streaming apps like Periscope and Blab.


Everyone loves to feel like they have achieved something and what better way for a business to show its target audience how good their product or services are then with a challenge.

The great thing about challenges is they can be both online and offline, and nearly any type of business can set one up.

From market research it seems that paid challenges will have higher completion rates then free challenges (because people feel they have to get their moneys worth or feel obligated cause they have paid money). I have been a member of bootcamp clubs where each member has to pay up at the start of the season a set fee – if they complete the whole 8 week bootcamp they receive all their money back or receive another deal that their initial payment can be used against, if they don’t complete the bootcamp their money is donated to a local charity.

Some examples of challenges:-

  • Fitness industry
    • 6 week fat lose challenge
    • 8 week strength challenge
  • Business coaching or business services industry
    • 7 day organisational challenge
    • 31 days to a better business challenge

Just remember that any challenge must have a clear goal for the business (is it for list building, increase awareness of your business, showcasing your products of services) and a clear goal for the participants, You want to ensure that everyone knows what they will get out of the challenge.

Good luck with your business and blog promotions.

Would love to hear of any other interesting marketing ideas you have either seen or done that is outside the norm.