How to add more than one URL to your Instagram Profile using Linktree

how to instagram linktree Jul 13, 2019

One of the disadvantages of Instagram is you can only have one URL in your bio. This can be a pain when you have more than one link that you want to direct people too. 

Linktree is a great program that allows you to have more than one URL in your bio. 

Sign Up for LinkTree -

You can start off with the free version, this is suitable for most businesses and blogs. 

You will then be sent an email to clarify your email address. 

You can not set up the links you would like to forward people to. 

In the top right-hand corner will be the link you can put in your Instagram Bio that will forward people to your Linktree. 

Add your links 

On the free version you can do some limited customisation - select the settings tab to have a look at the free options. 

Add your profile image to brand your Linktree and your all setup :)

Need help setting up your LinkTree - check out our Quick Fix Sessions