Steps To Take Before Starting a Business

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Building a startup is one of the most exciting business projects you could embark on. Startups usually start as an exciting idea backed by only a few entrepreneurs and possibly a single investor. Watching this small project grow and become an actual business is an inspiring process.

However, it’s important to have in mind that this is also a very difficult task to accomplish. Business-friendly countries, such as Australia, have a lot of programs designed to help out startup creators, but building a business from scratch still requires a sense of vision and a lot of well-planned work.

Find a market

The first thing to do in order to create a lucrative startup is to find a market for it. This is done by locating a service or a product that’s needed in your community and being the first to provide it. The service doesn’t have to be something completely revolutionary but you need to put a spin on the existing ones to make yourself competitive.

The sweet spot is the place in the niche market that allows you to be a dominant party, but still leaves room for the business to branch out.


Before you can make any detailed plans, you need to make sure that you have enough funds to start and run a business. The second part is often much harder than the first because day to day expenses tend to be overwhelming for a small business.

There are numerous alternatives to getting a bank loan. A lot of startups try to avoid them because they require years or even decades of involvement with a bank. The so-called peer-to-peer loans and crowdfunding are viable alternatives to traditional banking institutions.


Employees are the most important part of any company. A startup is only as good as the people that are coming to work every day to make it profitable. That means that you need to develop a plan to attract the best and the brightest to your startup from day one.

This can be difficult for a small business, but employees can be motivated even without offering large salaries and bonuses. Most of the time, employees are looking for a company that will appreciate their work and provide them with a path to advancement. This is something that even the smallest startup can provide if they put the employees first.

The office

Choosing an office makes a business seem real in a lot of ways. It’s a face you put in front of your clients and customers in order to impress them and showcase what your startup is about, but it’s also a place of business that needs to be practical and employee-focused.

One of the great things about designing an office is that you can provide the same level of comfort regardless of where your business is located. Commercial office furniture in Australia is made of different materials and is designed for longevity and aesthetic appeal as well. Buying reliable office chairs in Sydneyisn’t more expensive than buying them in Brisbane and your employees should have the same level of comfort wherever they are.

A marketing strategy

A startup needs to have a marketing strategy that starts much before the business opens its door. There used to be a time when you could rely on word-of-mouth and your place within the industry, but at this point, every company is dealing with so much competition that a comprehensive strategy becomes a necessity. 

The plan needs to cover all the channels through which your business can reach the customers. These days, it may seem like online marketing is all that there is, but you shouldn’t abandon traditional marketing options as well.


Startups start small but if they remain small for too long, competitors will push them out of the market. It’s important to have a plan for expanding the business as soon as possible. This shouldn’t be just ideas or dreams, but actual achievable goals and a timeframe to accomplish them within.

The first step toward this is trying to open lines of communications within your industry and trying to sell your products or services directly to other businesses that might need them. This doesn’t require you to change your business model but allows you to grow the business fast.

Building a startup from the ground up takes a lot of effort. All of it starts with knowing your market and valuing your employees.


*** This Guest Post was from Emma B. Joyce ***

Emma B. Joyce is blogger based in Australia. She is a true home decor and DIY fanatic.

Emma is interested in music and also is a big reading enthusiast. Finding new designs and patterns is her daily task.

She is a regular contributor on Smooth Decorator.

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