The Beginner’s Guide to Getting More High-quality Traffic

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8 Sure-shot steps to generate more traffic

When Hamish formed his edtech startup, he was driven by the zeal and passion to get the revenues of company soaring through the roof. But his efforts to engage the audience and generate organic traffic failed to attain the optimum result.

Now, this could happen to any new business owner trying to grab the attention of the audience with the help of traffic generation. While marketing can always shell out more money for their traffic generation, there are far more cost-efficient ways to attain the goals of driving more traffic to your website. Consider the helpful tips given below:

1. Create your dedicated Google search console

Google Search Console is an essential resource that you should utilize as soon as your site is live. It comes with Google’s Webmaster Tools. Just like Google Analytics, it provides you with insights into your website that helps you to change the game for your website’s SEO practices.

By integrating Google search console, you are directing Google on the basis of the contents you want to be searched by their bots and listed in the Google searches. It will also allow you to determine what kind of content you don’t want your audience to find.

Google search console will also highlight the errors that exist on your website and suggest tips to fix them.


2. SEO should be at the top of your priority list

A rather usual blunder that many new businesses are guilty of making is putting SEO on the backburner. The new business owners perceive that there are other more valuable aspects of your site that needs their attention.

The truth is, no matter how pretty you make your site, it’s basically money down the drain if it’s not getting enough traffic.

Don’t forget that growing your web traffic is the objective of your business. That’s the reason why should be front-lining your business plan from day one. It’s the most impactful way to drive substantial traffic to your website, even though results may take time to reflect. Implementing your SEO strategy at the early stages of your business will definitely help you climb the ladders of success.


3. Utilize the social media pages

Irrespective of how many algorithm changes are implemented, social media sites will always be one of the most potent resources for traffic. If you want one hack to grow web traffic, social media platform is your answer. Companies that provide assignment help use popular channels of social media to promote their services. 
Even though it’d be unreasonable to think that every blog post or article will rank on the social media platform, it can be quite effective for time-bound content. 

For instance, relevant news articles or posts covering current events are perfect for social media promotion. If you need to catch the fancy of your target audience on a specific type of content, you can definitely leverage social media to serve the purpose.

Also, don’t forget to use relevant posts that promote your website pages. This serves as a great idea to extend your reach beyond your network and get the consumers searching for your products and services.


4. Carry out some fine-tuning for your website

If you own a business website, anytime is a good time to check your website and take note of its strengths and weaknesses. After all, the quality of your site not only influences the user experience once someone lands on your site, it can also determine where you end up in the SEO rankings.

Focus on the factors that search engines take into account while determining your ranking. Pay more attention to aspects like site speed, long-tail keyword implementation and mobile optimization.

To make sure that the pages load quickly, look for large files (like videos and photos) that could be embedded or compressed.


5. Present valuable content

The ideal way to appease Google is to create relevant content. Only then you will be able to provide a major boost to your small business SEO and elevate the traffic coming to your website.

So, it goes without saying, that the content should be appealing, informative and actionable. Needless to say, it should definitely solve the issues of your consumers.

 Quality content is extremely valuable to Google, and is highly valuable for your business. If you keep producing good quality content on your website and your audience appreciates it, then Google would highlight the content to more people.


6.Network with the influencers in your niche

In the age of social media, influencers hold immense power and every business should leverage the same. You need to approach the influencers interested in your business. It’s highly likely that approaching the right influencers will get you closer to your target audience. So, collaborating with them could immensely boost your traffic.

If you want your association with the influencer to be successful, then it is crucial to develop a relationship with him/her. Sharing a relationship with them would mean that at some point they would share your content with their audience in a positive way.


7. Implement effective email marketing strategies

Offering newsletters and promoting offers through email is a great way to stay in touch with your customers. It can allow you to generate substantial traffic for your website. Offer valid details and links to pages on your website where the consumers can learn more, be it through blog posts or landing pages. Just ensure that you don’t bombard your readers with frequent emails. If you do so, your customers will either disengage or unsubscribe from your emails.

Also, use relevant email subject lines. This way, you can be certain that the receiver will read the email sent by you.


8. Check what’s working well for your site

As you work to gain more traffic to your site, it’s vital that you utilize the resources like Google Analytics to see what methods are actually driving steady traffic to your site. Once you know what’s working in your favour, you can concentrate all your efforts into traffic generating activities.

Let’s rehash the “80/20 rule” here, which implies that 80% of your results often come from 20% of your activities. Follow this rule while working for your site’s traffic generation and you’d notice a considerable change in the website traffic.

To conclude,

You must implement these pro tips and come up with foolproof strategies to promote audience engagement and website traffic.

What’s also remarkable about these ideas is that they are extremely cost-effective and won’t add to the cost of your business. With time, these ideas have the potential to culminate into thousands of dollars of revenue. So, get started on these strategies today and promote the traffic generation process of your website.

*** This Guest Post was from Gracie Anderson***

Gracie Anderson is a seasoned marketing professional with 5 years of experience in the field. She has pursued his MBA in marketing from the University of Queensland.