The Weekly Round-up- 14th December to 19th December 2018

blogging social media the weekly round up website Dec 21, 2018

In this week’s weekly round-up we cover lots of social media updates, new guest post on the blog, overcoming blogging procrastination and a tip to help you love Mondays.

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New on the blog

Overcoming Blogging Procrastination: 7 Surefire Ways to Do It

One of the main issues with blogging is the high risk of regular procrastination – there is no one but yourself to control you. 

If you don’t quickly adjust to taking charge of all of this, you’re going to end up procrastinating – spending time without doing work, but not really having fun either.

Find surefire ways to help you overcome this; Overcoming Blogging Procrastination

Instagram’s new tool for creators

Instagram is testing a ‘creator account’ profile for influencers.

The tools include insights on data and growth as well a other metrics.

Find more details on this on this post from the WERSM blog

Instagram’s countdown stickers

Instagram has just added interactive countdown stickers to their stories.

Have you tested this new feature out yet?

Check the details from this post on the WERSM blog

Having problems with Monday?

New features on YouTube

YouTube has just introduced new features – end screens and call to actions.

This is one of its efforts to improve interactive features on the platform.

Read more on this from this post on the WERSM blog; YouTube’s new feature

Facebook wants to predict your next move

Facebook has filled a series of patent applications for technology that uses your historic location data to predict where you will be going next.

Scary or the way of the future?

Check out this post on the WERSM blog; Facebook Wants to Calculate Your Future Location