The Weekly Round Up –16th March – 22nd March 2018

employees making money the weekly round up Mar 23, 2018

In this weekly round-up, we cover employee motivation, creating strong customer links, online business and more!

New on the blog

Champion Stronger Customer Links In 4 Easy Steps

It’s no secret that customers hold the key to success for any business venture.

Of course, great products are a compulsory factor if you want to achieve those desired sales figures. However, you should never underestimate the importance of building those strong bonds.

A customer is always more likely to use a company that makes them feel good.

Here’s how to do just that; Champion Stronger Customer Links In 4 Easy Steps

What You Need to Worry About When You Are a Freelancer

Overcoming Blogging Procrastination: 7 Surefire Ways to Do It

One of the main issues with blogging is the high risk of regular procrastination – there is no one but yourself to control you.

Cool as this might sound, if you don’t quickly adjust to taking charge of all of this, you’re going to end up procrastinating – spending time without doing work, but not really having fun either.

Read more on this here; Overcoming Blogging Procrastination: 7 Surefire Ways to Do It

Digital nomads cashing in; A Current Affair 2018, Short Video

I love having my business 100% location independent.

Allowing me to work from anywhere at any time.

Right now I’m working in a barbershop in Mt Hawthorn.

Get more interesting facts on how young Australians are earning six-and seven-figure salaries while travelling the world; Digital nomads cashing in

How to Take Freelancing to the Next Level

Parcel Tax

Proposed “Parcel Tax” for all packages brought into Australia….

What are your thoughts on the new “Parcel Tax” proposal?

Essentials When You Build Your Office

At some point or another, every business owner needs to design their workplace.

There are lots of different aspects to consider when it comes to planning out an office.

Let’s go through some of the basics which you need to take on board in order to successfully plan your new workplace; Essentials When You Build Your Office

Creative promotional gifts for your brand 

Everyone loved freebies!

I am sure I am not the only person who has a million branded pens, drink bottles, and notebooks.

However do these really make people remember your brand/blog or business?

Read this post by Custom Logo Cases Australia here on The Business Classroom; Creative Promotional Gifts for your Brand

5 Secrets to Keeping Your Employees Motivated

It doesn’t matter whether you are a new business owner or have been running a business for years, keeping staff motivated can be a real challenge.

If you want your employees to complete their daily tasks on time, it’s essential that you know how to encourage them.

To help you keep your employees motivated, we thought that we’d share five secrets for success, with you, here: 5 Secrets to Keeping Your Employees Motivated