The Weekly Round Up- 17th August to 23rd August 2018

blogging the weekly round up virtual assistant Aug 24, 2018

In this week’s weekly round-up we cover ways a virtual assistant can help your business, getting featured on The Business Classroom and blogger productivity tips.

Good-Old Tips for Blogger Productivity by Guest Blogger Claire Adams

There are many reasons why people become bloggers and there’s roughly the same number of topics they cover in their posts.

This means that trying to find what all of them have in common (apart from a penchant for writing) would be impossible. Still, if we want to analyze what sets some apart from others, we could see some common traits. One of them is the fact that every successful blogger is productive.

Here are just some tips they recommend we use when it comes to being productive: Good-Old Tips for Blogger Productivity

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25 Ways a Virtual Assistant can help you and your business

A Virtual Assistant (VA) can be a valuable member of any business/blogging team.

Outsourcing the areas in your business that don’t directly make you profit or that you don’t enjoy can help free you up to work ON your business not IN your business.

Read more details on how a virtual assistant can be of help on this post;  25 Ways a Virtual Assistant (VA) can help you and your business