The Weekly Round-up- 21st June to 27th June 2019

In this week's weekly round-up we cover helpful information about tax returns, Google My Business updates and more insightful topics.

New on the blog

Is Your Office Dull? Add Some Flair With These Stylish Ideas

A lifeless place is not conducive to a good day’s work. 

The good news is that there is plenty you can do in order to help make the office a little more cheery. 

Check out these ideas for improving the office; Is Your Office Dull? Add Some Flair With These Stylish ideas

The Truth about Earning Money Online

Making a living online is super-simple and comes with a few perks in tow.

Still, as simple as it may seem, making a fortune on the web is by no means easy: just like professionals in any other industry.

So, is jumping on the online business boat really worth it? Find out on this post; The Truth about Earning Money Online

Amazing Pens

These pens look amazing !!

Fineliner blending pens 🖊

Find out more details here; Chameleon Fineliners

Amazing Depositphoto deal

New features on Google My Business Pages

Google rolls out new features for their Google My Business Pages.

- Welcome Offers - People can receive a Welcome Offer by following their favourite businesses on Google Maps.

- Short Names & URLs

- Cover Photos

- Logos

- Photo Displays

- Offline Materials - Google is launching a website to help businesses easily download and order custom marketing assets (i.e. stickers) promote bookings on their Google My Business profiles, adding reviews and customer following.

Make sure you secure your custom URL before someone else claims it :) - New features on Google My Business Pages

Be careful what you post online!

It is becoming clear that people in Australia are now prepared to sue people for their comments made online.

Be careful what you post online!

Remember once posted online it is out in the world it is very hard to take it back or know who has shared or taken screenshots. You can’t simply delete the post.

Read more about this on this post; Dog owner's online crack at vet 'personal'

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