The Weekly Round Up –23rd March – 29th March 2018

In this weekly round-up, we cover marketing concepts, social media influencers, new Vimeo and WordPress features.

New on the blog

Getting into debt to be an “Instagram Star”

Getting into debt to be an “Instagram Star”, to me this just seems the strangest idea.

Another reason to vet your social media influencers prior to working agreements with them for promotions.

Read this post from Business Insider Australia on how A 26-year-old woman racked up $10,000 of debt after trying to become an Instagram star — and it reveals a huge issue with the platform

Marketing Concepts You Should Be Using For Killer Promotion

Are you trying to get your business noticed more on the big market?

Any business owner or marketing expert will tell you, that you need to promote your business more to do this.

Either offline or online, if you want more interest you have to put your business out there.

We think there are some vital marketing concepts that you should certainly be using for your business; Marketing Concepts You Should Be Using For Killer Promotion

Building The Perfect Home Office

In today’s world, more and more creative people are turning to the idea of running a business from home.

Meanwhile, many other workers have the benefit of being able to work from the comfort of their properties too.

With this in mind, creating the perfect home workspace is an important task for a large number of people.

Learn how you can do this;  Building The Perfect Home Office

Ways to Plan Finances as a Small Business Owner

Taking care of the financial matters of a small business is never easy, so here are some ways to make it a little simpler.

Vimeo rolled out two new features

“Vimeo rolled out two new features to easily help creators distribute their video content – live or pre-recorded – to multiple other platforms.

The first is designed to allow them to stream live video to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and Periscope, simultaneously, while the other – “Publish to Social” – brings the ability to upload pre-recorded video to both Facebook and YouTube at the same time, with just one click.”

Read more about this features from the WERSM blog; Vimeo Now Lets Users Stream Live Video To Multiple Platforms Simultaneously

The Collective Hub magazine in Print will be no more

Lisa Messenger has this morning announced that the Collective Hub magazine in Print will be no more.

I’m excited to see what is next, however will miss the amazing magazine and it’s great content.

View more about the closure of the Collective Hub – Lisa Messenger

Take Control Of Your Business In 4 Easy Step

The key to running a successful business is to gain a tighter grip on the operation.

If you have better control of what’s happening within your business,  you’ll have a far greater chance of steering it in the right direction.

There are various elements that contribute to the overall output of your ventures.

But you can learn to build a stronger business with just four simple tricks; Take Control Of Your Business In 4 Easy Step

Business Finance Basics

If you’re starting a business, you need to know the basics about the financial side of things.

Read more of this here in The Business Classroom; Business Finance Basics

New WordPress Update coming soon

Do you like the new changes or do you prefer the current format?

Check out the new changes; WordPress Gutenberg- WordPress 5.0 Brings New Editor and more!

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