The Weekly Round-up – 26th of October to 1st November 2018

employees the weekly round up website Nov 02, 2018

We’re getting close to 2019, how prepared are you for the new year?

In this week’s weekly round-up we cover employee motivation, planning for 2019, Facebook’s new updates and more insightful topics. Check out below

Safety Checks on Facebook’s Workplace platform

Facebook is bringing Safety Checks to their Workplace platform that will allow employers to ensure their employees are safe in a crisis and provide assistance if required.

Safety checks helps your friends know you’re safe in case of a crisis.

Find more details on the WERSM blog; Safety Checks on Facebook’s Workplace platform

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5 Secrets to Keeping Your Employees Motivated

It doesn’t matter whether you are a new business owner or have been running a business for years, keeping staff motivated can be a real challenge.

A motivated workforce is vital, as it’s motivation that pushes people to be productive.

To help you keep your employees motivated, we thought that we’d share five secrets for success, with you, here: 5 Secrets to Keeping Your Employees Motivated

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How to Start a Small Business from Scratch in Australia

Are you thinking about starting a small business from scratch in Australia?

We have prepared a list of advice and suggestions which will guide you through the whole process.

Click on the image below and take a look