The Weekly Round Up –2nd February – 8th February 2018

In this week’s weekly roundup we cover the cost of hiring a virtual assistant, cash-heavy business

A Virtual Assistant Costs How Much?

How do you make sure you are getting value for money?

Can you afford to base your virtual assistant choice purely on price vs benefits?

Crackdown on cash-heavy businesses

Do you run a cash-heavy business?

Do you comply with reporting of cash payments?

Read from the accountants daily blog to see what the government is doing to ensure you comply with cash payments; ATO set to doorknock as 60% of cash-heavy businesses caught

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 Facebook now testing downvoting of inappropriate comments

Facebook is testing the comment “down vote” button.

I personally think it will be a trolls field day.

What are your thoughts on the new feature?

Read more from TechCrunch blog; Facebook confirms test of a downvote button for flagging comments

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