The Weekly Round Up –2nd March – 8th March 2018

In this week’s weekly roundup we cover tips on improving your business, lessons from Oprah on building a personal brand

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What’s your daily non-negotiable?

For me it’s taking Sasha (the American Staffy) for her daily walks.

Linkin (Red Cloud) only has 3 legs so struggles to walk the 4km Sasha walks each walk so we try to include him in afternoon walks out the Showgrounds with their friends.

25 Lessons Oprah Can Teach You on Building Your Personal Brand

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most recognizable faces with a personal brand adores by millions globally.

How has she managed to build her brand this far?

She shares her lessons in this article by Collective Hub website; 25 Lessons Oprah Can Teach You on Building Your Personal Brand

Bitmoji about my day

Today I have been busy with a range of “stuff & things” from packing to move, SEO, blogging, client management, emails and hiring new staff.

Thought this Bitmoji summed it up lol.




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