The Weekly Round-up- 5th of October 2018 to 11th October 2018

running a business from home social media the weekly round up Oct 12, 2018

Do you love mastermind sessions?

In this week’s weekly round-up we cover a story reflecting on the common factors needed to succeed in business, Sunday Masterminds Sessions, social media updates and some tips on remaining mentally productive while working from home. Check out below;

Love Sunday Masterminds Sessions

Love what opportunities the internet offers us.

Allows us to connect with people all over the world.


Common factors in successful businesses

Common factors in successful businesses – passion & dedication.

Read an inspiring story of a 20-year old cupcake baker making 1.6 million out of her passion of making cupcakes; How a 20-year-old is set to make $1.6 million from cupcakes

Love Gary Vees new Trash Talk Series

He has always told people there is no excuse to not be able to make money.

Even the good old garage sale flipping.

Yes it takes time and effort but if you don’t have a job or need more $$ there is always time and costs you minimal.

Find it on Youtube; Trash Talk #1

Mental Health Week

 Instagram New Features

i) Geofencing Posts and Stories which allows the user to limit their posts and stories to specific countries, similar to what Facebook currently does.

Read more about it on the WERSM blog; Instagram May Soon Let You Geofence Your Posts and Stories

ii) Instagram is testing a new way to add hashtags to your posts.

They are testing the ability to add hashtags to your post without including it in the post caption. They will appear up under the Instagram username on the post.

Check ou the details on this from the WERSM blog; Instagram is Testing a New Way To Add Hashtags To Your Posts