The Weekly Round Up –9th February – 15th February 2018

the weekly round up Feb 16, 2018

In this week’s weekly roundup we cover privacy law changes, 50 ways to say no and importance of diversification (case study of Avon cosmetics).

Check out Tash Guthrie from Tash Guthrie – Life Business Motherhood latest blog post – 50 Ways to Say No

Saying no when:-

-Reason: When you just don’t want to

– Reason: When you’re overloaded, overwhelmed & over committed

– Reason: When you’re flattered, but you just can’t

– Reason: When it’s not in alignment with your current focus or priorities

– Reason: When you know you’re not the BEST person to help them

– Reason: When you’re already booked

– Reason: When you really want to help, but can’t do exactly what they’ve asked of you

What tips do you have for saying no?

 New privacy law changes from 22nd of Feb

Do you collect or store personal information from your customers?

A new law requires that you report any data breaches.

Read more from the Small Business Development Corporation WA’s post;

Ensure you don’t have all your eggs in one basket

I know some Avon reps who have built really successful businesses – it is sad to see them lose their business due to a head office decision.

An important reminder that if you don’t own your business (remember MLM / Network Marketing businesses you don’t own your business as your business is based of selling someone else’s produce / signing people up to the company) and can make all the decisions then you need to ensure you don’t have all your eggs in one basket.

All MLM businesses should be building their client lists, so if your MLM company does fold or choose to no longer operate in your country or as you are aligned with you have warm leads to start again.

Very disappointing to also see that representatives were not told prior to it being published on social media.

Are you one of the 24,000 reps affected by Avons decision?

Read more from the; Cosmetics brand Avon to leave Australia ‘by end of 2018’

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