The Weekly Round Up –9th March – 15th March 2018

In this week’s weekly roundup we cover the ideal customer service experience, running a business at optimum efficiency, marketing tips and more. 

How To Reduce Waste In Your Business

‘Waste’ in business doesn’t just refer to the things you throw away. It also means any wasted time, money or energy.

Let’s look at simple ways to improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace so as to reduce waste; How To Reduce Waste In Your Business

Actionable online marketing tips for new businesses


Avoid the Stress – Back Up Your Website

Who has spent long hours slaving on their website?

Or maybe you have spent big $$$ getting someone else to set up your website?

The last thing you want to happen is to receive a message from a prospective client advising you that your website is down or heaven forbid has been HACKED !!

Then you realize that you have never actually backed up your website and your hosting provider does not have a backup either……

Read insightful tips on The Business Classroom on how you can safeguard yourself from such eventualities; Avoid the Stress – Back Up Your Website

Boost your business: Broaden your audience


What is your ideal “customer service” experience?

Every business and client have a different level of accepted customer service requirements.

If you run a business what standards do you expect from your customers / potential customers?

What do you expect when you deal with a business?

Read this post from the business classroom to help you understand keep your boundaries and expectations in check; What is your ideal “customer service” experience?


Is your business running at optimum efficiency

It doesn’t matter how far into the journey you are, every business owner wants their ventures to be as successful as possible.

To achieve this goal, you’ve got to look at the business model in its entirety.

Here’s how you can give yours the extra boost that it requires; Is Your Business Running At Optimum Efficiency?

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