Top 10 Tips to Being Productive When Working From Home

Working from home comes with freedom, but the freedom is not that free. It can quickly ruin your productivity when there’s no self-discipline and clear strategies on how you intend to achieve your goals.  For example, if you are a mum with little kids, they may distract you from time to time. In some other cases, house duties tend to compete with your daily work. We’ve compiled ten tips to help you stay productive and make working from home a phenomenal experience.

Schedule your day

Planning your day is crucial as it enables you to reduce procrastination and ensure you’re on track. You can do this by writing the tasks down on your notebook or using online tools such as Trello. If this doesn’t work you, you can set specific hours to accomplish given tasks at specified times.

Plan your week

What would you like to work on during the week? By answering this question through a well- laid plan, it will ensure you’re on the right track and therefore boosts your productivity. You can also plan when you want to do non-work related tasks which might otherwise distract you. Additionally, it ensures you are working within some structures in place hence you can easily measure your weekly progress.

Remove distractions

Take the deliberate step to minimize distractions that come your way. For example, let your children of the importance maintaining silence while around your working space. Further, keep your computer desktop organized by arranging related files in a folder. Ensure you create a conducive working environment by keeping tools such as books and pens in their respective places to avoid clutter.

Set up a designated workspace

While working from home, it’s easy to think you can work from bed and be productive. This is not always the case. Neither can the ideal workspace be in front of a TV. Designate a specific room or space for your work and you’ll be amazed at how productive you become. It prompts your mind to switch on the ‘work mode’ thus ensuring maximum productivity.

Buy ergonomic furniture

Working from home might require you to sit down for long hours depending on the nature of work. It’s, therefore, crucial to invest in a comfortable ergonomic chair that will save your back from too much strain. If your health is well checked your productivity will also increase.

Prepare meals early in advance

Working from home implies eating from home in most instances. If you don’t have someone who can do this for you, you might find yourself taking considerable time to prepare meals when you should be working. To avoid this, consider making meals in large quantities on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and store them in Tupperware.

Take breaks

Breaks such as lunchtimes give us an opportunity to recharge our minds thus ensure we are productive. It’s hence crucial to schedule and take breaks of at least 20 minutes within the busy time-frames. Also, consider having defined time to unplug and turn off the computer. It can be tempting to work for long hours without having time for yourself or other human interactions hence it’s important to know when you should stop working.

Dress like you’re in any other office

No doubt, it’s comfortable working in your pajamas during those cold days as you sip your hot coffee. How does this affect your productivity? It doesn’t put you in the work mindset hence it affects how we feel and see things around. However, knowing what works best for you is equally vital since some find their productivity in wearing pajamas while working.

Communicate and build relationships with other telecommuters

It’s easy to disconnect with the world outside if you’re working from home. Get out once in a while and meet other people for example in family gatherings or networking events. You may also take a break from the norm and work from a co-working space where you meet like-minded entrepreneurs. It helps refresh your mind and keep ideas flowing thus ensuring productivity.

Let people know your schedule

One of the most common distractions you can have is having people visit you during your office hours just because you’re at home. Be proactive and let your family and friends know (politely and respectfully) your schedule. However, not everyone will understand what you do.

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