Working from home during COVID-19 lock down - How to survive

work from home Apr 13, 2020

Working from home can be a big change for most people. 

The glitz and glamour of working from home can wear off really quickly once people realise just how hard, working from home can be. 

Pros of working from home

  • Can wear what you want
  • No commute to and from work
  • You can do as you want when you want (well technically with no prying eyes)

Cons of working from home

  • Distractions - pets, children, housework, family and friends not understanding you are working
  • Isolation - It can be extremely lonely working from home. 

How to work from home effectively

  • Get up and get dressed - even though you can working in your PJ's getting up and getting dress can change your mood and get you in the right mindset to work. 
  • Set a routine and stick to it
  • Keep a schedule - if possible keep to your normal daily schedule, why not use your normal commute time for exercise or doing a project around the house you have been putting off? Or catch you on completing that book you started. 
  • Schedule regular virtual hangouts, even if it is just virtual co-working time. 
  • Have regular breaks
  • Switch off at the end of the day