Establishing Your Small Business as a Trusted Brand

blogging small business Mar 09, 2020

As a blogger or small business owner you know how tough it is to compete with the bigger brands out there. Establishing yourself as a trusted company is very difficult when there are experienced and reputable companies who have more money than you. The truth is, you can attract people to your business by using yourself as the main branding tool. People invest in people not logos, fancy websites or high level marketing campaigns. The best way to compete in a saturated market is to grow a factor of know, like and trust between you and your potential clients. Here are a few ways in which you can achieve that for your brand.

Be Professional

If you want people to trust you as a business owner you need to come across as polished and professional at all times. Even the smallest details can prevent your business from being seen as reputable. Like many small business owners, you are probably working from home. Having a virtual office address can be really useful when it comes to boosting your professionalism. Instead of giving out your home address you can give them a business address that enhances trust and keeps your personal details safe too.

Be Authentic

Don’t try and build your business up to be something it’s not. You’re a small, homegrown business so why not use this as your unique selling point? Nowadays people love to shop locally and support small businesses so use this to your advantage. Be authentic whenever you’re selling or showcasing your brand and this will really resonate with people. Make sure you make a conscious effort to show a sneak peak behind the scenes when you’re working, because audiences love that too.

Be Clear

You can only build a trusted brand when you are crystal clear on what you’re selling and who you’re selling to. This might sound like a really obvious point, but so many small businesses fail because they aren’t focused enough on their niche. If you’re trying to sell to everybody, you will sell to nobody. Keep this in mind at all times when you are trying to build your brand and everything will come much more naturally to you.

Be Consistent

In order to gain consistent results for your business you need to put in consistent work. The big companies out there don’t take a month holiday from posting on social media or interacting with their ideal client. If you want your small business to be seen as professional you need to show up consistently. You will be able to build trust around your brand if you continually build relationships with the people you’re trying to sell to.

If you are trying to brand yourself as a corporate company, your audience simply aren’t going to trust you. Be honest and authentic, but add professional touches to your brand so they know you’re the real deal. If you start showing up consistently for your target audience, you will see noticeable results.