How To Set Up Pre-Approvals For Facebook Group Members

facebook social media Dec 25, 2019

Anyone who manages a paid / membership-based Facebook Group understands how time-consuming it can be cross-checking and accepting new members, to ensure they are allowed to be in the Facebook Group. 

Facebook has just released Pre-Approvals for Facebook Group Members. 

How to set up pre-approvals? 

On Desktop

  • Go to your Facebook Group
  • Select "Edit Group Settings"
  • Scroll down until you see "Membership pre-approvals"

  • Click "Get Started"

  • You have two options - "Choose Groups" or "Upload a File" 
    • Choose Groups - allows you to select from a group that you manage 
    • Upload a File - allows you to upload a list of email addresses to pre-approve people on Facebook with those addresses. 

The "Upload a File" method is great for those that run external membership platforms you can upload all your members and as they request to join they will be pre-approved.

Note:- they must request to join within 90 days or their pre-approval is canceled. 

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Need help setting this up or with community management for your Facebook Community? The Business Classroom can help. Contact us to discuss your needs.